Local Car Wash VS Detailing

Hello, thank you for tuning in. This is Solomon Simpson with In The Lead Hand Carwash & Detailing. Here at ITL my current position is Team Leader. ITL is a detailing service located in the heart of Houston, Texas. Here at ITL we are dedicated to making sure that your vehicle is in its best condition and also delivering quality results. In this segment we are going to talk about the results between a “$16” car wash and a high quality detail.

Detailing and car washes are different in many aspects. If you go to an automated car wash you will notice scratches and swirls immediately afterwards. This is due to the harsh brushes and lack of cleaning them regularly. Meaning that the dirt from another vehicle is what’s causing the scratches on the paint. Also if you are using a carwash in which the drying of the car is done with towels, most likely you will have residue left on your vehicle as they don’t switch out towels frequently. Now with detailing, the method is much different and more complex. If you are using a detailing service like ITL, we will first start off by washing down the car manually with a pressure washer using deionized water. Next your car will experience a soapy bath with a foam cannon. What the foam cannon does is it allows lubricant between the dirt and sponge to prevent excess swirling and scratches. To detail the car we use microfiber sponges that are safe on the paint while also eliminating any dirt on the surface. The process to washing the vehicle is to start with the roof, then front end, then sides, and finally rear. This prevents building up dirt early on in the detail. We also take consideration to how dirty the wheels may be. Using our two bucket method, one for the body & one for the wheels, this ensures there is no cross-contamination. A useful object to have in the buckets is a grit guard to keep the dirt at the bottom and clean water at the top. Following the hand wash we spray down the vehicle once more and this brings us to our drying method. Our drying method consists of going over the vehicle with a sham towel to soak up all of the water, then immediately following after with a microfiber towel. All which is completely safe to the clear coat, and gets the job done leaving your car streak-free. Included in the drying process we take care of your door jambs and wheels leaving no water spots on any part of the vehicle. Lastly we use our two towel method to clean the exterior glass and dress your tires to shine. All of this is part of our most basic package, The Hand Wash. To ensure we have reached maximum potential for quality we finish everything with a 21-point inspection. Keep in mind the most expensive package at your local hand car wash will not uphold this high degree of quality in even our smallest package offered.

In conclusion the real difference is one does a much better job of taking care of your vehicle and making it last. Rather than the other that is really just damaging your vehicle in the long run. If you truly value your investment make the move now and spend a little more to save a whole lot.

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